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Follow these URLs to see a list of the USS HOUSTON crew and the ship’s history:

Battle of the Java Sea (story of the HOUSTON & PERTH):

The above is largely in Dutch with subtitles.

A personal side-story

Overlapping with my research of these brave men, I was working a project to help identify military Veterans among graduates from my Baltimore High School. Imagine my surprise when I came across a familiar name.
Following his 1934 graduation, Joseph Francis DALTON was appointed to the US Naval Academy. Military records show his official enlistment in the Navy as June 1937. By the early 1940’s, he was Lieutenant assigned to the light cruiser USS Houston.

In the early morning hours of 1 Mar 1942, the Houston along with the HMAS Perth were sunk in an intense naval engagement with a much larger Japanese naval force off the coast of Java in the Sunda Straits. He was one of but a handful of Navy officers who survived to be taken as a POW. He did not, however, work the TBR. He was one of 8 officers who in APR ’42 were transferred directly from the Bicycle Camp in Batavia to Japan. He was eventually liberated from the Zentsuji and Rokuroshi camp (aka Chikko) in Japan.

He remained in the Navy and retired as a CAPT (O-6). He passed away on 12-May-1975 in Kilmarnock, Northumberland County, Virginia.


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