to perpetuate the memory and history of our dead

0.3 Historical Markers

In an effort to document these sites and open them to a wider audience, I have been working with the editors of this website. They have even created a SERIES within their site that displays all the related pages.

I encourage everyone to register (its all free) and explore the TBR-related sites as well as the rest of this huge website.

One of the editors (also the owner and funder of the site I believe) took an immediate and deep interest in my project. He has worked tirelessly to gather the information and guide me in obtaining the photographs that he can legally display. He has also added information on some pages to expand the scope of the data I provided. Thank you J.J. Prats!

As we discover and document other TBR-related sites wherever they may be, they will be added to this SERIES. I suggest that you visit it from time to time to see what’s been added.

Two additional features:

In addition to the NEAR YOU button, there is also a WANT LIST in the top right portion of the HOME PAGE. This can reveal MARKERS near you that need more info or better photographs.

On the far left is a MAP ALL button, For the many SERIES this will open a GOOGLE EARTH map of all the listed sites.

Should you be so inclined, the ADD A MARKER button is well laid out and easy to use. Once submitted the editor for that area will work with you to publish the marker in question.