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28.4 Zeigler Grp

The Zeigler Group was the first to be segregated during their time at the Bicycle Camp. While they were assigning POW ID numbers to the POWs, the IJA staff interrogated each man as to his skills or prior profession. Those who were identified as having “technical skills” that the Japanese thought that they could utilize were assigned to what became known as the Zeigler Group. They departed the Bicycle Camp in OCT 42 just before the Tharp Grp and arrived in Japan in NOV. They were eventually assigned to various camps depending on what ‘skill’ they were thought to possess.

ZeiglerJapan20814119BAKER John TruittCPLHak-01B-Main (Bibai)
ZeiglerJapan20814082CAMPBELL Leonard Cecil       “Humpy”SSGHakodate POW Camp-Babai
ZeiglerJapan2503189CONNER MARION ELLISAMM2cFukuoka POW Camp #1 – Kashii
ZeiglerJapan34093207FEAGLE Willie KennethCPLHak-01B-Main (Bibai)
ZeiglerJapan20813605KENNER Jack WoinderSGTHak-02-Akahira
ZeiglerJapan20813624THOMAS Claude Addison Jr “Red”SSGSen-04B-Ohashi
ZeiglerJapan20813003ANDERSON Walter Russell “Dub”SSGFuk-03B-Yawata
ZeiglerJapan2381036BERGAM SAMUEL JOSEPHCWTTokyo POW Camp (Shinjuku)
ZeiglerJapan20813004Biggs Tom Lofton JrSSGFuk-03B-Yawata
ZeiglerJapan2874110BOLT CLARENCE LEONARDSM2cHakodate POW Camp-Babai
ZeiglerJapan20813563BRYANT James Herndon  “Cotton”SSGSen-04B-Ohashi
ZeiglerJapan2656973BUNCH JERRY JUDSON JRRM1cSen-04B-Ohashi
ZeiglerJapan3368441BUNYARD BASIL CORBINEM1cTokyo POW Camp (Shinjuku)
ZeiglerJapan2282991CERRUTI JULIUS ELMERChPOFukuoka POW #3 (Yawata)
ZeiglerJapan2580371COLLINGS CHARLES MITCHELLSF2cHakodate POW Camp-Babai
ZeiglerJapan20813735CURTIS Franklin ErvingSGTFuk-03-Yawata
ZeiglerJapan39156123DALEY Michael JosephPVTHak-01B-Main (Bibai)
ZeiglerJapan2235731DUHAIME ARTHUR RAYMOND IISM1cHakodate POW Camp-Babai
ZeiglerJapan2004340EARLY JAMES DUIGNEN “Pop”WT1cTokyo POW Camp (Shinjuku)
ZeiglerJapan3932076EDDY MERRITT VOLNEYCM2cHakodate POW Camp-Babai
ZeiglerJapan20813873EWING John ASSGHak-01B-Main (Bibai)
ZeiglerJapan20812989FAIR Cecil GlennMSGSen-04B-Ohashi
ZeiglerJapan3807905FELIZ JACK MARTINMM1cHakodate POW Camp-Babai
ZeiglerJapan20814140GARNER Edward LeePVTSen-04B-Ohashi
ZeiglerJapan2659290GILLELAND JESSE PAULWT2cHakodate POW Camp-Babai
ZeiglerJapan20813875GODFREY Millard EllsworthMSGSen-04B-Ohashi
ZeiglerJapan3113732GOODSON RAYMOND SSM1cFukuoka POW Camp #1 – Kashii
ZeiglerJapan3755496GRANT Laurel “Larry” ShermanCOXHakodate POW Camp-Babai
ZeiglerJapan20813453HOOPER Marlin WoodrowCPLHak-01B-Main (Bibai)
ZeiglerJapan20813848HOVIS Howard CurtisCPLFuk-03-Yawata
ZeiglerJapanO-397091HUMBLE Maxwell Frank           “Max”1LTSen-04B-Ohashi
ZeiglerJapan3601089KALINOWSKI ROBERT JOHNF2cHakodate POW Camp-Babai
ZeiglerJapan38037235KARNEY Jack MurraySSGFuk-03-Yawata
ZeiglerJapan20813849KELLEY Ben KennethSGTSen-04B-Ohashi
ZeiglerJapan20813368KNIGHT Douglas FranklinCPLHak-01B-Main (Bibai)
ZeiglerJapan2435779LOHRIG CHARLES Woodrow WilsonMM3cHakodate POW Camp-Babai
ZeiglerJapan2828807MANISTA ANTONChCMFukuoka POW #3 (Yawata)
ZeiglerJapanO-79826MAY EARL VincentWO1Zentsuji and Rokuroshi camps (Chikko)
ZeiglerJapan3684761MCCANDLESS GEORGE CLYDESF3cHakodate POW Camp-Babai
ZeiglerJapan38051334MESSER George EdwardCPLSen-04B-Ohashi
ZeiglerJapan34083006MILES Fred Harrison JrPVTSen-04B-Ohashi
ZeiglerJapan39155378MILLER John PaulPVTSen-04B-Ohashi
ZeiglerJapan38026248MIRELES Fred ReyesPVTSen-04B-Ohashi
ZeiglerJapan2231974O’BRIEN ROBERT LOUISChGMOmori
ZeiglerJapan3421642PRICE FRED DALTONSM1cHakodate POW Camp-Babai
ZeiglerJapan34054353RAIFORD HERBERT MAURICE Jr “Shortie”PVTFuk-03-Yawata
ZeiglerJapan20813856RAMZY Avery PennemanCPLSen-04B-Ohashi
ZeiglerJapan3599469REYNOLDS JAMES EDWARD “Red”SM1cHakodate POW Camp-Babai
ZeiglerJapan39005183RICH John EdwardCPLSen-04B-Ohashi
ZeiglerJapan20812936ROCKETT Wilburn WesleySSGSen-04B-Ohashi
ZeiglerJapan2832493ROSE GUY MITCHELLMM2cHakodate POW Camp-Babai
ZeiglerJapanO-08100SHAW KENNETH Leigh “Keith”Pfc (MAJ)Zentsuji and Rokuroshi camps (Chikko)
ZeiglerJapanO-403578SMITH Travis Joel1LTRokuroshi
ZeiglerJapan20812913STANBROUGH Jesse HedrickTSGSen-04B-Ohashi
ZeiglerJapan3423105STEWART WILLIAM JOHNSM1cHakodate POW Camp-Babai
ZeiglerJapan3760379STODDARD GEORGE DEWITT “Corky”SM1cHakodate POW Camp-Babai
ZeiglerJapan3807994THEW HENRY PRIORFC1cHakodate POW Camp-Babai
ZeiglerJapan39229435YNCLAN Eugene PaviaPVTFuk-03-Yawata
ZeiglerJapanO-242989ZEIGLER Lundy LeroyCPTSen-04B-Ohashi
ZeiglerJapan36006259ZERBIS George JosephPFCSen-04B-Ohashi
Zeigler-dcdJapan2679433ALDERMAN HARMON PRICEChRMen route (Tofuku Maru)
Zeigler-dcdJapan3421075FANGHOR GENEGM3cSen-04B-Ohashi
Zeigler-dcdJapan3418737SEIDEL ALFRED GLENN “Bus”EM2cHakodate Camp, Japan

It makes for an interesting anecdote that the POWs soon figured out why they were being asked about ‘skills’. Not knowing what the future had in store for them, many lied about their ‘abilities’. There were many “farmers” and “window washers”. This was done in an effort to try to remain at the rather comfortable Bicycle Camp and not be sent to Japan. Unfortunately, many of this latter group of ‘un-skilled’ men ended up working the TBR.

Chief RadioMan Alderman is variously recorded as having died at the Hakodate Camp, but LTC Tharp recorded his death from colitis as having occurred aboard the Hellship Tofuku Maru enroute to Japan in NOV 42.

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