to perpetuate the memory and history of our dead

17.TBR Gallery

This Gallery will present photos of the various areas of the TBR as a means of showing the tremendous amount of work that the POWs and romusha laborers had to do over its 415 Km length.

Roughly 20% of the TBR (the first 50 Km at either end and the section from the Thamakam Bridge down to Khao Poon) ran over nearly flat and unobstructed terrain. These sections were completed fairly quickly and easily. But on the Burmese side, the TBR quickly rose into the pristine and almost impenetrable mountains.

On the Thai section, a series of limestone outcroppings impeded the path and the path into the mountainous border area was a major engineering feat.

The vast majority of the photos in these galleries are either aerial views taken as reconnaissance for Allied bombing missions or were taken immediately post-war by Australian teams that came in search of the Allied POW’s remains and documented the camps and TBR.

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