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5.TBR Timeline

I, personally, am a very linear thinker. I like things in order. In an effort to put the entries in LTC Tharp’s diary into the overall context of the TBR, I have integrated a number of sources. The primary sources are LTC Tharp’s personal diary (labelled Th) and a USN document of a similar nature as a diary (labelled NAVY).

Those labelled as ME are from a multitude of sources; too numerous to credit. Finally, the Thai-Burma Railway Centre (TBRC) published a list of “Significant Dates” which I have integrated. Fillmore and Berrie are other source of which I came into possession. Futamatsu was a professional Engineer on the TBR who published a book on his TBR experiences.

There are a few mis-connections in some of the dates, but I present them as published. The overall concentration is on the movements and events related to the US POWS (Th and NAVY entries) but I think it is important to know how those fit in with other events that define the TBR.


The US POWs in the company of others from Java were sent to a number of destinations in addition to the TBR. Some, particularly the E Battery contingent were directly to Japan (via Singapore). Many of the officers ended their captivity in the Mukden camp in Manchuria; some direct, others post-TBR. Sumatra was the destination for a few. A handful never left Java,

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