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28.3 E Battery

The men of E Battery and those few others who were ‘attached’ (like civilians Buchanan & Hicks as well as 7 AAF members who were hospitalized in Surabaja; denoted below as E Batt/) lagged behind the rest of the TXNG. Following their capture, they were held for many months on the eastern end of the island. Eventually they were consolidated to the Bicycle camp, weeks after the other groups had departed.

This group was seemingly divided into at least three sections. The largest group surrendered themselves at Surabaja to the IJA invasion force that had landed in the north-central portion of the island; separate from that in the western portion. So throughout there captivity they were administered separately. They were moved from place to place across the island until they eventually reached the Bicycle camp on 18 JUN, weeks after the other 2/131 groups had departed.

The Battery Commander, CPT Dodson, led a group of a dozen or so men who tried to evade captivity. They remained free the longest. They had boarded a small boat at Surabaja. However, upon reaching the entrance to the harbor they found it blockaded by IJN ships. So they landed on the far eastern tip of Madura Island. We do not have any details of how they survived except that they were eventually captured with a number of KNIL soldiers. They, too, were moved slowly westward and did not reach the Bicycle camp until OCT 15th.

The last group to consolidate at Bicycle was that from the Surabaja hospital. They entered Bicycle at the end of OCT 42, led by AAF MAJ Horrigan. Army PVT Abileno HERNANDEZ is recorded as having died of TB while still in Surabaja — although his recorded date of death as 3 FEB 1943 suggests that he most likely died at the Bicycle camp.

The majority were eventually transferred to various camps in Japan. They, too, transited through Singapore. There they made contact with the Tharp Group who had yet to leave for Burma. However, they were never re-integrated with their fellow Guardsmen.

Even though they had been consolidated at Bicycle camp, theer journey to their eventual places of work took many paths. Most of the E Battery and AAF officers were separated and eventually transferred to Manchuria. The bulk of the men transited Singapore before going to Japan on the Hellship Tofuku. But 12 of them were left behind at Singapore; 8 of those eventually worked the TBR at Hintok; one of whom (PVT Thomas) died there and another (PVT Staver) died of cancer upon his return to Singapore. Four other who were left at Singapore stayed there for the remainder of their captivity.

However, 18 were left on Java when the majority departed. Late in the war, they were trans-shipped to Japan during which time 3 died at sea when the Tomahoku was sunk en route. Two men (CPLs Patterson and Turner) survived that sinking and served out their captivity in Japan.

E BattJapan20813999ADAMS Earl DewittCPLFuk-06B-Mizumaki (Orio)
E BattJapan38026155ALEMAN Juan CruzCPLFuk-06B-Mizumaki (Orio)
E BattJapan36105759CAMPBELL John PaulPVTFuk-06B-Mizumaki (Orio)
E BattJapan20813981CHOATE Rufus Raymond  “Rosy”SGTFuk-06B-Mizumaki (Orio)
E BattJapan36009915CIEPLINSKI FRANK PPVTFuk-06B-Mizumaki (Orio)
E BattJapan38038658CLEMENTS Carl CliftonCPLFuk-06B-Mizumaki (Orio)
E BattJapan20814005COOK Robert GouldCPLFuk-06B-Mizumaki (Orio)
E BattJapan38027530CUELLAR Francisco P  (Cardenas)CPLFuk-06B-Mizumaki (Orio)
E BattJapan20813306CUMBERLEDGE Allen BradfordSSGFuk-06B-Mizumaki (Orio)
E BattJapan20814008DAVIS John Shelby JrSSGFuk-06B-Mizumaki (Orio)
E BattJapan20815352DONAHO Eddie LeonCPLFuk-06B-Mizumaki (Orio)
E BattJapan20813590DRAKE Teddy NormanCPLFuk-06B-Mizumaki (Orio)
E BattJapan35163018EATON Clarence Josiah           “O J”SGTFuk-06B-Mizumaki (Orio)
E BattJapan20814010EVANS PETER AlfredCPLFuk-06B-Mizumaki (Orio)
E BattJapan20814011FARMER Walter LewisCPLFuk-06B-Mizumaki (Orio)
E BattJapan38050623FARRAR James Woodrow    “Jimmie”CPLFuk-06B-Mizumaki (Orio)
E BattJapan38038634FENDER Joe GrahamSSGFuk-06B-Mizumaki (Orio)
E BattJapan20813132FUJITA Frank Kumaichi Jr   “Foo”SSGOmori
E BattJapan38026150Garcia Calixto CPVTFuk-04-Moji (YMCA)
E BattJapan20814414GARLAND Huron Archibald “Hugh” JrCPLFuk-06B-Mizumaki (Orio)
E BattJapan20814013GILBRETH Troy ComerMSGFuk-06B-Mizumaki (Orio)
E BattJapan20813962GILLIAM Farris Foster1SGFuk-06B-Mizumaki (Orio)
E BattJapan20814141GILMORE James WilliamPVTFuk-06B-Mizumaki (Orio)
E BattJapan33070973GONOS GeorgeCPLFuk-06B-Mizumaki (Orio)
E BattJapan38036285GOSLER Paschal CMSGFuk-06B-Mizumaki (Orio)
E BattJapan20814014HANKS Horace EugeneCPLFuk-06B-Mizumaki (Orio)
E BattJapan20816790HARGETT Leo (nmi)CPLFuk-06B-Mizumaki (Orio)
E BattJapan20813452HINTON Roy (nmi)CPLFuk-06B-Mizumaki (Orio)
E BattJapan20814019HOLDER Harold LeonCPLFuk-06B-Mizumaki (Orio)
E BattJapan20814086LUCAS Herbert AllenSSGFuk-06B-Mizumaki (Orio)
E BattJapan20813465LYNN George WCPLFuk-06B-Mizumaki (Orio)
E BattJapan38027507MARTIN Arnold WilliamCPLFuk-06B-Mizumaki (Orio)
E BattJapan38025830MARTINEZ Jimmie GuetteresCPLOmori
E BattJapan38027522MARTINEZ Ramon PerezCPLOmori
E BattJapan20815464MAYO Dayton GoodmanPVTFuk-01-Main
E BattJapan39077567MENDOZA Joaquin PegueroPVTFuk-06B-Mizumaki (Orio)
E BattJapan20814033MINSHEW Cecil TrumanCPLFuk-06B-Mizumaki (Orio)
E BattJapan20814425MOSES Ronald NealPVTFuk-06B-Mizumaki (Orio)
E BattJapan37081600MYGLAND Oris ChesterSGTFuk-06B-Mizumaki (Orio)
E BattJapan35162305NORRIS LAWRENCE OCPLAkita No. Honshu Island
E BattJapan38025758ORTIZ Luz HernandezCPLFuk-06B-Mizumaki (Orio)
E BattJapan20814037PLANT Howard BurnleySGTFuk-06B-Mizumaki (Orio)
E BattJapan20813989POWERS Cecil FerrelSGTFuk-06B-Mizumaki (Orio)
E BattJapan20814039PRESLAR Coy JasperSGTFuk-06B-Mizumaki (Orio)
E BattJapan20813681RHINE THURMAN CharlesCPLFuk-06B-Mizumaki (Orio)
E BattJapan20813477ROBERTSON Barton Warren   “BW”SSGFuk-06B-Mizumaki (Orio)
E BattJapan20813990ROGERS Novle WickerSSGFuk-06B-Mizumaki (Orio)
E BattJapan38026130ROSAS RODOLFO RCPLFuk-06B-Mizumaki (Orio)
E BattJapan38025824SALINAS ALEJANDRO  (Alex)PVTFuk-06B-Mizumaki (Orio)
E BattJapan20813619SAVELL Robert DeweyPVTFuk-06B-Mizumaki (Orio)
E BattJapan20813621SHARP Henry ThorntonCPLFuk-04B-Moji (YMCA)
E BattJapan38038656SHELTON Archie EdwardsCPLFuk-06B-Mizumaki (Orio)
E BattJapan20813998SHELTON Clyde JasperCPLFuk-06B-Mizumaki (Orio)
E BattJapan20814044SNELLING Marvin MorrisCPLFuk-06B-Mizumaki (Orio)
E BattJapan20814045SPALDING Henry RogersSGTFuk-06B-Mizumaki (Orio)
E BattJapan20813485STEIN Paul DanielCPLFuk-06B-Mizumaki (Orio)
E BattJapan20814046STUBBS Robert LantzCPLFuk-06B-Mizumaki (Orio)
E BattJapan20814049TUCKER Cletus LavernCPLFuk-06B-Mizumaki (Orio)
E BattJapan38051031VALADEZ Efram GonzalezCPLFuk-06B-Mizumaki (Orio)
E BattJapan20813488VISAGE William AugustusCPLFuk-06B-Mizumaki (Orio)
E BattJapan38038910WATSON Thomas PaulCPLFuk-06B-Mizumaki (Orio)
E BattJapan20814050WETSEL ArleeCPLFuk-06B-Mizumaki (Orio)
E BattJapan20813494WHITE Roger Hammond JrSSGFuk-06B-Mizumaki (Orio)
E BattJapan20812918WILLIAMS David AlSGTFuk-06B-Mizumaki (Orio)
E BattJapan20814051WILLIAMS Orville Bob “OB”SSGFuk-06B-Mizumaki (Orio)
E BattJapan20814054WINN Angrus NyalSGTFuk-06B-Mizumaki (Orio)
E BattJapan38036501WOODALL Carol Kenneth “Corky”PVTFuk-04B-Moji (YMCA)
E BattJapan20813305WOODALL Munroe Dane     “Tex”PVTFuk-03-Yawata
E BattJapan38036322WOODS David ColemanCPLFuk-06B-Mizumaki (Orio)
E BattJapan20812981WOODWARD Carl RayCPLFuk-06B-Mizumaki (Orio)
E BattJapan20814057WOODY Thomas BlantonCPLFuk-06B-Mizumaki (Orio)
E BattJapan38025683WUEST Raymond Alex+G529SGTFuk-02-Nagasaki (Kawanami)
E BattJapan20814058ZIMMERLE Milton   “Pete”CPLFuk-06B-Mizumaki (Orio)
E BattJava20813173BARKER CEPHUS EugenePVTBicycle Camp
E BattJava20813428CARTER Uell Maples “Banjo”PVTBicycle Camp
E BattJava38037356COSTLOW Eldred LeonPVTBicycle Camp
E BattJava38035659CROFT J. B.PVTBicycle Camp
E BattJava20813458KILLIAN Jr, George BSGTBicycle Camp
E BattJava20814029LOFLEY Cecil DukePFCBicycle Camp
E BattJava20816786STARNADER Walter AllenPVTBicycle Camp
E BattJava20814003CAMPBELL OdellPFCZentsuji POW Camp (Hiroshima #1)
E BattJava39009694NODDIN Carl OkerCPLFuk-06B-Mizumaki (Orio)
E BattJava20812965PATTERSON John Thomas  “JT”CPLAkita No. Honshu Island
E BattJava20813626TURNER Jack EudyCPLFukuoka POW Camp #1 – Kashii
E BattotherO-397523ALLEN Hollis Glenn1LTMukden Manchuria
E BattotherO-231656DODSON Thomas AlphineCPTMukden Manchuria
E BattotherO-360494SLONE William Reuben1LTMukden Manchuria
E BattotherO-412164STRAUGHAN Millett Andrew Jr1LTMukden Manchuria
E BattSinga20814020HOLDER Joe Neal Jr “Buck”CPLChangi Jail
E BattSinga37078250MORRISON Vere Eugene PVTChangi Jail
E BattSinga38050967PEREZ Frederick TristanCPLChangi Jail
E BattSinga35125626VAN CLEAVE Curtis LeePVTChangi Jail
E Batt/JapannoneHICKS, David JCIVFukuoka POW Camp #1 – Kashii
E Batt/Japan3821779RAFALOVICH DANIEL SPIROSM1cFukuoka POW Camp #1 – Kashii
E Batt/JavanoneBUCHANAN, Gaylord Alexander ” Buck”CIVBicycle Camp
E Batt/JavaO-404048GALLIENNE Winfred Hugh   “Bill”1LTBicycle Camp
E Batt/Java07031168MARTIN John DSGTFuk-06B-Mizumaki (Orio)
E Batt/Java19052345SCOTT, George WPFCFuk-24B-Emukae (Senryu)
E Batt/Java06994072WARRENFELTZ Wyatt HauverTSGFuk-06B-Mizumaki (Orio)
E Batt/otherO-352477FERREY, James Paisley1LTMukden Manchuria
E Batt/otherO-020678HORRIGAN William KienleMAJMukden Manchuria
E Batt/otherO-413473MICHIE Robert Edward Lee      “Lee”2LTMukden Manchuria
E Batt-dcdJapan20813982HELEMAN DonaldSGTFuk-17-Omuta
E Batt-dcdJapan38050856KALICH Nolan Oscar FrederickCPLFuk-02-Nagasaki (Kawanami)
E Batt-dcdJava38038607HERNANDEZ Abileno (Abelonoa)PVTSurabaja Java
E Batt-dcdJava38037058LAWSON THOMAS LafayettePVTen route (Tamahoko)
E Batt-dcdJava36203079McMAHON ROBERT WoodrowPVTen route (Tamahoku)
E Batt-dcdJava34054391WISMANN EDWARD JrPVTen route (Tamahoko)

Lest we forget that 6 men originally assigned to E Battery were left in Singapore and eventually worked the TBR as part of H-Force. The last two named below died as result of that TBR time.

20814032MATTHEWS W. F.   “Hook”PFC
38050864MILLER Everett WilburPVT
20813720ROBINSON Ray Franklin  “Snooky”CPL
20814043SHIELDS Richard Elendor “Red”PVT
36105819THOMAS Billy (Wm Richard)PVT
36204029STAVER Lavern Peter “Slick”PVT

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