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Capt Pomeroy 3.6.9

Just as there were two British nationals attached to the US POW contingent [see Section 3.7 below], Col. Toosey’s force at the Bridge site contained a US citizen. Eugene C Pomeroy was born in WASHDC in 1912. After graduating from Princeton Univ he went to work for the China Weekly Review in Shanghai. In 1941, he took a commission in the Indian Army as a Captain with the 12th Frontier Force and was taken as a POW at Singapore. He was one of Col. Toosey’s inner circle of officers during the building of the bridges at Thamakam.
In Jan 1943, he and 5 others attempted to escape from that camp intending to use the roughed mountains of the Thai-Burma border to make their way to China, some 1000 miles away. Needless to say, they lasted barely a week before being recaptured. It is thought that either Thai villagers or the police turned them in for a reward.
Per Col. Toosey’s biography, Pomeroy and Lt. Eric Howard and the 4 enlisted men were executed in FEB 1943 as lesson to the others. None of their remains were recovered and they are memorialized on a plaque in Singapore.

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