to perpetuate the memory and history of our dead

17l. Artifacts

The intrepid folks who trek the nether regions of the TBR often recover artifacts scattered in the jungle.

This gallery presents some of those that the members of the TBREG (TBR Explorers Group) have displayed on their FB page. They are collected here to archive them and give credit to those brave and strong enough to explore the TBR.

Gold bullion bars found near Thanbyuzayat and other ingots (lead?) with Japanese markings.

To date, NO artifacts have been recovered that can be associated with the romusha workers. It would be interesting to know if any are ‘in storage’ at any of the local museums. Those recovered during the 1990 excavations seemed to have vanished as well.

Human remains recently unearthed in Burma. thought to be Japanese due to the other items recovered in place. No theories as to who or why.