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Baggett & Jensen 3.6.7

There are two other AAF members whose names seem to have become associated with the TBR story. These are Lieutenants Owen J. Baggett and Kenneth L. [aka Lloyd K.] Jensen. They were apparently shot down over Burma and taken as POWs by the IJA there. Per Roger Mansell’s records, they were eventually incarcerated at Changi but there is no indication that they had any affiliation with the TBR.

In 1943, Owen J. Baggett was part of a USAAF crew ordered to destroy a bridge in Burma when they were attacked by Japanese fighter planes. Their B-24 was damaged and the crew had to bail out. As the men parachuted to the ground, the fighter planes attacked the crew. Baggett decided to play dead, but when an enemy plane drew close and slowed, Baggett saw the pilot open his canopy. He decided to take a chance and quickly drew a handgun hidden by his leg and fired four shots, killing the pilot and sending the plane spiraling towards the ground. Baggett survived but was taken POW until 1945. He became known as the only person to shoot down an aircraft with a pistol. Pictured is the Missing Air Crew Report from the incident:

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