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28.5 Hintok

The small contingent of US POWs who worked on the TBR in the Hintok area of Thailand had either been left behind in Singapore as their originally assigned group transited through there or in the case of the Merchant Mariners had been left there by the Germans who had captured them. Most of the former had been hospitalized but eventually recovered enough that they were assigned to the mostly Australian H-Force and sent by rail to BanPong then marched to Hintok.

E BattHintok20813984KEITH Ben Clarence JrCPLChangi Jail
E BattHintok20814032MATTHEWS W. F.   “Hook”PFCChangi Jail
E BattHintok38050864MILLER Everett WilburPVTChangi Jail
E BattHintok20813720ROBINSON Ray Franklin  “Snooky”CPLChangi Jail
E BattHintok20816758ROBINSON William James “Willie”PVTChangi Jail
E BattHintok20814043SHIELDS Richard Elendor “Red”PVTChangi Jail
FitzHintok20813386SPANN Buster HomerPVTChangi
FitzHintok38038970WILHITE Herman LPVTChangi
MerMarHintokO-S14Houk, Norman William Jr3rd EngineerChangi Jail
MerMarHintokO-S15Jalet, SylvianRadio OfficerChangi Jail
MerMarHintokO-S16Kelleher, Charles ReaRadio OfficerChangi
MerMarHintokO-S18Moreno, Adolpho3rd Mate/3rd OffChangi Jail
MerMarHintokO-S22Roland, Dennis A.2nd Mate/3rd OffChangi Jail
MerMarHintokO-S26Torres, Xavier Joaquin1st EngineerChangi
MerMarHintok225941Willner, Stanley3rd Mate/2nd OffChangi Jail
TharpHintok3558804BUSH ELMO Arnton  “Joe”AOM2cChangi Jail
TharpHintok20812922FICKLIN Frank Wilson (Foster)SSGChangi Jail
TharpHintok20813012GORDON Crayton Robert  “Quaty”SGTChangi Jail
TharpHintok3372469MORRIS RALPH EdgarMUSM2cChangi Jail
TharpHintok20813832MORROW Adolphus Campbell  “Doc”PFCChangi Jail
TharpHintok3561863STEVENS NORMAN EugeneFCM3cChangi Jail
TharpHintok20812978WHITAKER Charles Winfield JrPVTChangi Jail
TharpHintok277559WISECUP JOHN HerbertPvtSime Road
ZeiglerHintok2872081FOWLER CHARLES PETER JRF1cChangi Jail
ZeiglerHintok3681237SNYDER SAMUEL ElmerSM1cChangi Jail
E BattHintok-dcd36204029STAVER Lavern Peter “Slick”PVTChangi Jail
E BattHintok-dcd36105819THOMAS Billy (Wm Richard)PVTTH Hintok ‘F & H’ Hospital Camp No 1
TharpHintok-dcd20813188MOORE GLEN Everett  “Cy” “Buddy”PFCTH Hintok ‘F & H’ Hospital Camp No 1
TharpHintok-dcd3214339ROSZELL LYLE THOMASSM1cTH Tarsoa

Administratively, H-Force was never actually assigned to IJA control in Thailand. So, upon completion of the TBR, the survivors were all returned to Singapore. The Australian contingent had been hit heavily by a cholera outbreak which the Americans managed to avoid since they were quartered in a different sub-camp.

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