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17b. Burma

The Burma segment of the TBR was assigned to the 5th Railway Regiment actually extended across the Thai-Burma border some 40 Kms into Thailand. This segment was 152 Km long while the Thai segment built by the 9th Railway Regiment was 260 Km long.

The rugged mountainous terrain of the Burmese sector required more fill and larger bridges, since the river systems ran across the TBR path.

The majority of US POWs (less those who worked in the Hintok area) spent their entire time while building the TBR in the Burmese sector. The Fitzsimmons group worked close to Thanbyuzayat in the 18-55 Kilo area; while the larger Tharp group worked in the highlands in the 80-115 Kilo segment.

The four large bridges in Burma were frequent targets for the Allied bombers attempted to interdict the flow of supplies to the Burma Front.


A tour of the war-related museum near the Thanbyuzayat Cemetery:

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