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11.6 Kwae Noi River

Since the mid-1980s the Vajiralongkorn Dam (Khao Laem Dam) has tamed the wild seasonal fluctuations on the Kwae Noi River flowing the length of the Province of Kanchanaburi. A much smaller dam near the town of Tha Muang provides electricity for the region and also helps to provide irrigation water to a spider-web of canals that pervade the eastern end of the province making it a major producer of agricultural products — especially rice and sugar cane.

In the area of the Sai Yok Nat’l Park a major tourist business has arisen with floating bungalows and rafts for rent by Thai day-trippers and foreign tourists alike. A number of small water falls drop directly into the river in that area and there are both small bamboo rafts and entire party/house boats for rent to enjoy lunch and swim in the river.

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