to perpetuate the memory and history of our dead

11.2 Boonpong’s House

There is a small section of the WW2-era town of Kanchanaburi still standing just above the confluence of the rivers. Except for a few remnants, the City Wall is gone, although the gate remains as does the old Governor’s house nearby.

Within that old section, can be found the three buildings that comprise the BoonPong family residence and work place. It is now a private museum dedicated to preserving the memory of the great man himself.

In 2021, the 90+yo sister-in-law of Khun BoonPong (she married the youngest brother) will be happy to relate to you the story as she experienced it. She is last living relative who knew the man. Unfortunately, this is a piece of history that cannot last much longer.

Khun Siriwat

The full essay on Khun BoonPong’s involvement is found at Section 9.15

BoonPong’s wife Suwat

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